Simple elegant exciting

An easy to understand and beautifully designed game that will capture your child's imagination and teach him or her how musical instruments sound and look. Probably, the best introduction to classical music.


Enjoy learning

Have fun while studying sounds, names, and appearance of the main orchestral instruments


Catchy quizzes

Test your skills and knowledge in a number of exciting quizzes that are sure to keep you on your toes

Easy to use

Beautiful graphics and a simple touch interface are both user-friendly and engaging


Great music

Become familiar with some of the world's best classical music

Press Release

The best way for kids to learn about musical instruments on iPad

Isn’t happiness and self-fulfilment what every parent wishes for his child? But how to help the child discover his or her potential, how to make sure the child is on the right path to realizing his or her talents? Those are the questions that arise for the parents. And every wise parent would agree that the only answer to them is to offer the child a full variety of choices, but in an interesting and playful manner. Through the act of game, the child learns about the world, and by observing the child play the parent can learn about his or her developing talents.

Along with sports and drawing, music is one of the main disciplines for finding out the child’s potential. It has always been known intuitively, and recently proven scientifically, that early exposure to music is extremely useful for any child’s development. You may not see your child as a famous musician or conductor, but what if he or she really has a gift, and the chance of a lifetime is in your hands? You will never know until you try.

With Meet the Orchestra for iPad®, you would open the world of classical music to your kids. Through entertainment and fun interaction experience, the app would teach your little ones about the names, appearance, and sounds of the popular orchestra instruments. He or she would learn the sections the orchestra is composed of, the musical instruments in each section, and be able to differentiate between the instruments, both visually and audibly. This experience would help develop your child’s ear as well as his/her musical and general memory.

Along with the instrument learning, your child would be exposed to some of the best examples of classical music: Bach, Chopin… You name it. All were fine-recorded in a professional studio by musicians of one of the European national symphonic orchestras – something you wouldn’t find in other apps.

The application is organized into two parts: learning and quizzes. The learning part is designed to introduce the child to the orchestra and instruments, and the quizzes part develops skills in recognizing instruments by look and by sound. The quiz’s difficulty increases with quiz type and level, offering engaging and varying experience as the learning process progresses.

Finally, you will find this app useful for yourself in refreshing you own knowledge. After a short practice with this app, you will be able to surprise your friends with your knowledge of the orchestral works and the musical instruments.
Meet the Orchestra is interesting and educational, simple and effective. This app would be the best introduction to classical music for your kids.